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We're Gunna Rock Around The Clock Tonight!  Bringing the flavor and the music of  Harlem and Grease to you!  Swinging and smiling, performance includes high energy choreography of  lifts, spins, flips and a hand clapping, toe-tapping show.   Choose from a variety of era's to match the theme of your event to include:


1920's Charleston 

1940's Patriotic

1950's Twist


Elaborate costuming to match and every performance guests are invited to partake in a dance lesson, interaction and photos with John Travolta!  A great addition to your 50's prom themed event, Roaring 20's themed event,  July 4th party and much more.   Choose from one couple or several couples for more of the WOW factor.  Package options available to include DJ/MC and live band. 


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