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Dance Lessons

There is always a celebration to be had, and what better way to surprise your guests with a polished, exciting, and choreographed dance!   And you get to learn new skills, build confidence, connect with others on the dance floor, exercise and have fun too!   You say, "But I have two left feet!"  Not a problem, we will have you looking Dancing With The Stars Ready!  We offer private instruction, dance lesson and choreography for:


~ Weddings to include bride/groom, father/daughter and mother/son.

~ Quinceaneras to include a variety of dance styles and themes to accommodate a small size court to a large one. 

~ Sweet 16's to include guest of honor performing with the LW&C dancers.

~ Anniversaries 

~ Corporate Event Flash Dance Surprise

~ Proposals 


We know life gets busy and when planning big occasions, time is of the essence.   We offer a flexible practice schedule to work around yours to include weekdays, evenings and weekends.  Consider us your mobile dance instructor; we go to you so you don't have to come to us.  We have relationships with a variety of reputable dance studios in the Valley, Los Angeles and Orange County to book and rent out space.  If you prefer to meet in the comfort of your home, we can consider that as well.


Packages range in prices depending on number of lessons and location of practices.  All include complimentary consultation, choreography of up to three songs, video taped lessons, music edit and communication with DJ for day of event to ensure all goes as planned.  


Liz was perfect! She made a group of teens look amazing! Her time and dedication is much appreciated. And her performers were the highlight of the event. Love love love her and look forward to hiring her dance company in the future! -Rebecca V, Temecula, CA


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